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From Loison we have several new flavors this holiday season. These panettone are: Zafferano e Liquirizia (saffron and liquorice); Regal Cioccolato (Ecuadorian chocolate bits); and Marron Glacé (puree of candied chestnuts.)

With 22 pannetones to choose from - 16 from Loison and 6 from Bardi - there is something for everyone. More about Holiday Panettone...

Andis Semillon Wine
 Andis Semillon Wine from Shenandoah 
 Valley in California 

Andis Winery is a new winery in the Shenandoah Valley of Amador County. The vineyard these grapes come from is the Dillion Vineyard owned by Bill Dillion. The vines are about 30 years old.

Andis 2012 Semillon is a lovely example of the varietal. It has the noted “white fig” fragrancy described in the classic texts. There is a fullness to the wine that is balanced by very fine acidity and a lingering “figgy” finish. More about Andis Semillon wines...

Corti Brothers Vinegar Corti Brothers Vinegar - Back in Stock   

Corti's own house vinegar has its many admirers and rightly so. It is good vinegar, which is more difficult to produce than good wine, but must begin with good, sound wine.

This bottling of Corti Brothers Red Wine Vinegar is very red in color, with a complete, mature vinegar aroma and flavor. It has been aged, but just not to the extreme age of other bottlings. If you like a hearty red wine vinegar, this is for you. More about Corti Brothers Red Wine Vinegar...

Olave Organic Olive Oil
 New Prize-winning Extra Virgin Olive 
 Oils from Chile 

Winning a Gold Medal, Best of Class, Best of Show, and the Marco Mugelli Prize in the Los Angeles International Olive Oil competition in July 2013, Olave Organic Olive Oil is now available at Corti Brothers.

With great aromatic intensity and a balanced fruity, fresh olive flavor with high polyphenols that is also well balanced, it stood out from the beginning of the tasting as an exceptional oil and proved its mettle. More about Olave Coratino Olive Oil...

Pojer and Sandri Vinegars
Pojer & Sandri Vinegars are very special, all made from wine, but not all made from grape wine.

Red and white wine vinegar is produced, but remarkable vinegars are produced from fruit wines such as quince, raspberry, elderberry, blackberry, cherry. These wines are produced by crushing the fruit and fermenting it to produce a wine which is then acetified. More about Pojer and Sandri Vinegars...

Ventresca is the most expensive cut of tuna, corresponding to the “toro” tuna of sushi and sashimi. It is the tuna belly, the most delicate and delicious part of the tuna.

We are going into warmer weather and season when this kind of tuna would be delicious as a dish by itself or as a major ingredient with good pasta. This sale is to get you to buy some Ventresca, try it, and then buy some more. More about Consorcio tuna...
 Our Spring Newsletter is now Online 

  Darrell Corti 
 is now on 

For food news, videos, upcoming trips and stories about Darrell, see Darrell's Facebook fan page.

 Cioppino for 
 the Holidays 

Just in time for the holidays, Darrell shares his grand-father's recipe for Cioppino. See the recipe here...

"Of course, Corti is a grocer like Itzhak Perlman plays some fiddle.

"Corti is simply one of the most deeply knowledge-able food and drink experts in America, able to expound with equal authority on Chinese tea, Spanish vinegar, Central Asian wine, Italian pasta, and about 30,000 other gastronomic topics."

See the full story at the Sacramento Bee's blog.

He’s been called the Indiana Jones of the culinary world and the man who “knows more about food and wine than anyone else in America.”

How did the son of a Sacramento mayonnaise salesman become a buttoned-up grocer while leading a double life as a globe-trotting gourmet?

Sacramento Magazine has the story.

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